1. Ultimate Reference to Python List Methods

There are certain methods in Python language, that are specified to work with the lists and in this tutorial, we will present all the list functions in alphabetical order. Further, these methods are also called list functions, but these rely only on their parent class. Usually, these methods are built-in in Python programming language and we can use them to work with lists as required. The table below contains all the built-in list methods in this language and serves as an ultimate and up-to-date guide or reference.

Tutorial Contents:

  1. Ultimate Reference to List Methods
  2. All List Methods
  3. Dynamically Get List Methods
  4. Reference Links

2. Search Ultimate Reference For Python List Methods

Search Python list methods from the below table, which is an ultimate and up-to-date guide or reference, for the developers. Please note that the parameters or arguments of some methods might be optional, so don't get carried away while writing your Python programs.

2.1. Alphabetical Reference

Method Description
append() This Python method adds an element at the end of the list.
clear() This Python method clears all the elements from a list.
copy() To create a shallow copy of a list, we use this Python method.
count() To find the number of occurrences of an element within the list, we use this Python method.
extend() This Python method appends the elements of an iterable to the end of the list.
index() This Python method returns the index position of the first occurrence of an element in a list.
insert() To add an element at a specified position in a list, we use this Python method.
pop() This Python method removes an element at a given index and returns it.
remove() To remove the first occurrence of a specified element in a list, we use this Python method.
reverse() To reverse the elements in the list in place, this Python method comes in handy.
sort() This Python method sorts the list element in place.

3. Dynamically Get Python List Methods

There is also a way to dynamically get all the built-in Python list methods using code. You can simply type in the below Python code to get all the available methods regarding lists. This approach will get all the methods available in your current distribution.

Get All List Methods

def get_list_methods():
    # Create a dummy list
    dummy_list = []
    # Use dir() to get all attributes and methods of the list
    all_attributes_and_methods = dir(dummy_list)
    # Filter out only the callable methods with standard method names
    list_methods = [method for method in all_attributes_and_methods if callable(getattr(dummy_list, method)) and not method.endswith("__")]
    return list_methods

# Get and print the list of built-in list methods
built_in_list_methods = get_list_methods()


Importantly, it is important to note that these methods are different from those of built-in Python functions, so make sure to keep this in mind.

4. Reference Links

In this reference tutorial, we collected resources and material from the below websites to write up a clear, up-to-date, and ultimate guide to Python list methods or functions that depend on specific classes.

  • We explored W3schools.com as a reference to build up this ultimate guide of all Python list methods or class-dependent functions.
  • Also, we consulted Python's official reference to finalize our list of list methods or class-dependent functions.


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