PHP Example

This is the Simplest PHP Programming Example. Also the tutorial series is loade with hudereds of PHP examples.
function functionName() {
  echo “Hello world!
“; echo “Hello from John”; } functionName(); ?>

Who can Learn this PHP Tutorial?

  • New Learners: First of all, this programming tutorial is made for those, who have no prior knowledge of programming or coding
  • Experienced Developers: Secondly, this tutorial is also helpful for those, who want to recall something, although they are working professionals
  • Enthusiast: Also, one who is enthusiast enough to gain fast and rapid knowledge regarding PHP, can start learning with

Features of this Tutorial

  • Easy Learning: Firstly, the learning PHP on Tuts Insider is made very easy and effortless with numerous Examples
  • Simplest Explanation: Secondly, this tutorial portrays different sections of PHP in such a way that a nerd can even learn simply by following this series
  • Comprehensive Material: Also, this tutorial provides ultra-deep details about every aspect of the PHP Programming, so anyone who wants to gain in-depth knowledge, can follow this tutorial

What is in this Tutorial?

This PHP programming tutorial series is designed with hard work to provide the ultimate knowledge and understanding. This tutorial contains the following material sections and details:

  • PHP Theory: Firstly, the PHP programming theory or knowledge is set up by keeping the new learners in mind
  • PHP Examples: Secondly, the tutorial contains tons of examples with great explanations

PHP Theory

This section of the tutorial comprises PHP coding knowledge with ultra details. Start learning PHP and take the first step in becoming a web developer. Since PHP is is a first language choice for anyone who wants to be a web-developer. Therefore, take your first step and start your journey.
Start Learning Tutorial

PHP Examples

This PHP coding tutorial is equipped with hundreds of PHP examples with comprehensive explanations. See the below instance to understand this section.


echo “<h3>Students List with Age above 18</h3>”;
$name = ‘John’;
$age = 18;
if ( $age>18 ) {
  echo “The name of the student is: $name.
“; echo “The age of the student is : $age.”; } else{ echo “The student is under-age.”; } ?>


Students List with Age above 18

The name of the student is: John.
The age of the student is : 18.

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