fun favCar() {
	println("Car Name: Mercedes Benz")
Car Name: Mercedes Benz

Who Can Learn This Kotlin Tutorial?

Kotlin is a modern programming language, which can easily be adopted by Java/Android developers due to its functionality and expressiveness. This Kotlin programming tutorial explains the various paradigms of this modern language with ultimate reference and adaptability. So anyone with a brief knowledge and know-how of programming can start to learn Kotlin.

Features of This Kotlin Tutorial

  • Effortless Learning: Firstly, this Kotlin tutorial is simple to learn with plenty of examples for anyone who wants to excel or work in a Kotlin environment.
  • Simplified Explanation: Secondaly this course comprises extreme simplification of the core concepts of Kotlin language, so do not get worried if you are just starting your coding journey.
  • Comprehensive Course: Lastly, the subject material and concepts of Kotlin programming are thoroughly explained in this tutorial, so you will get a chance to go through every concept of Kotlin satisfactorily.

Contents to Learn in this Kotlin Tutorial?

This coding series comprises the following parts:

  • Kotlin Theory
  • Explanation of Kotlin with Examples
  • Kotlin Reference

Kotlin Theory

Primarily, this coding tutorial series describes the Kotlin concepts and principles carefully and serves as a reference for programmers. All course material is equipped with Kotlin examples, so it is easy for beginners to learn this language efficiently. Further, this tutorial also explains Kotlin language principles in a friendly manner, therefore, one can smoothly grasp the coding concepts in every chapter.


It is advised to learn this Kotlin course in sequence as listed on the sidebar for better outcomes.

Kotlin Course Examples

This subsection of this course comprises Kotlin examples that are accompanied by each chapter. So, one can easily comprehend and learn each Kotlin topic in detail. Further, the output of the examples is also available in the adjacent tab in each example. You can navigate those tabs to experience the Kotlin code and corresponding output just as below.


/* A simple Kotlin example to find out the factorial of a number */

fun factorial(n: Int): Long {
	return if (n == 0 || n == 1) {
	} else {
		n * factorial(n - 1)

fun main() {
	val number = 5
	val result = factorial(number)
	println("Factorial of $number is: $result")
Factorial of 5 is: 120
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