1. Ultimate Reference to All PHP ZIP Functions

Sometimes, we want to read, create, and manipulate ZIP files, and luckily, PHP programming facilitates us with ZIP functions to play with the archive files. We can use the below-listed functions for reading, writing, and creating the ZIP archives or we can even access the files inside a compressed archive in many ways. This tutorial serves as a guide and reference list of all the ZIP functions, and anyone can find and know more about the functions, which can be used to manipulate the ZIO files.


Since PHP 8.0, the ZIP Archive Functions are Deprecated. ZipArchive should be used.

1.1. How to Use ZIP Functions?

In order to work with the ZIP functions, we need to include an external resource libzip library. Further, there is no configuration required to use these functions.

Tutorial Contents:

  1. What are ZIP Functions?
  2. Reference List
  3. Reference Links

2. Search Reference For PHP ZIP Functions

The below reference table lists all the ZIP functions with an ultimate and up-to-date list that we can utilize in developing various projects. Type the name and instantly find the desired function with a brief description.

2.1. Alphabetical Reference

PHP ZIP Functions
Function Description
zip_close() This PHP zip_close() function is used to close a compressed file archive.
zip_entry_close() The PHP zip_entry_close() function closes a ZIP directory entry.
zip_entry_compressedsize() This PHP zip_entry_compressed_size() function returns the size of a compressed file of a ZIP directory entry.
zip_entry_compressionmethod() In order to find the compression method of a ZIP directory entry, we utilize the PHP zip_entry_compressionmethod() function.
zip_entry_filesize() To get the actual file size of a compressed directory entry, we make use of the PHP zip_entry_filesize() function.
zip_entry_name() This PHP zip_entry_name() function retrieves the name of a ZIP directory entry.
zip_entry_open() The PHP zip_entry_open() function opens a directory entry in a compressed file for reading the contents of the file.
zip_entry_read() In order to read the content from an open directory entry in the ZIP file, we utilize the PHP zip_entry_read() function.
zip_open() This PHP zip_open() function opens a compressed file archive.
zip_read() The PHP zip_read() function reads the next file in an open ZIP file archive.

Reference Links

For this reference tutorial, we researched and filtered the below resources to write up a clear, up-to-date, and ultimate guide of all ZIP Functions in the PHP programming language.

  • We used W3schools.com as a reference, to sum up, this astonishing reference of all ZIP functions.
  • We also went through PHP.NET to finalize an up-to-date and latest list of all archive functions in this reference.
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