1. What is an HTML Editor?

Writing HTML markup is easy with a simple HTML5 editor. Honestly, we can write HTML markup by having a computer, an HTML Editing software installed, and some know-how of HTML language. An HTML editor can be any software installed on a computer like a notepad, notepad++, etc that helps in efficiently writing HTML5 code. Also, there are numerous types of HTML editors from free to premium versions. A free version of the text editor lacks features that are included in premium software.

1.1. Why HTML Editor is Recommended?

  • In addition to a simple text editor, multiple software in the market are available to assist the coders in their projects.
  • Initially, we recommend a simple text editor to start creating HTML markup.
  • After getting a little expertise in HTML, VS Code by Microsoft is best for further practicing.
  • It is because, usually, you may use simple text editing software to start learning HTML then you may proceed to any high-end software.
  • Nonetheless, an HTML editor enhances the capability to code and wisely manage markup projects.
  • Moreover, there are many online HTML editors like WYSIWYG, the Codelab, TryIt by W3Schools, etc.
  • These are real-time HTML editors and render the results immediately.

Tutorial Contents:

  1. What is an HTML Editor?
  2. How to Write HTML Markup using a Software?
  3. Widows/Mac Text Editor
  4. Codelab Online HTML5 Editor
  5. Conclusion

2. How to Write HTML Using an HTML5 Editor?

  • If you want to write the HTML code, just open up a text editor and start composing markup.
  • However, the platform or operating system which you are using may vary the visual display of the editor.
  • But, creating HTML markup is similar to every type of text editor.
  • Moreover, the markup may contain HTML headings, paragraphs, links, images, and other HTML elements.
  • In this tutorial, we will learn how to effectively incorporate a text editor on Windows/Mac to write HTML5 code.
  • Further, a list of feature-enriched HTML text editors is shared below to employ in your projects.

2.1. Best HTML Editing Software

Below are some of the popular HTML5 editors, yet there are plenty of software for programmers to utilize.

2.2. Features in Advanced HTML Editors

  1. Facility to code easily
  2. Error-free development
  3. Syntax Highlighting
  4. Debugging HTML code
  5. Error highlighting
  6. Markup auto-completion of tags, brackets, etc
  7. And so many features, depending on the software

3. HTML Editor in Windows/Mac

First of all, write some HTML markup using a built-in HTML editing software or simple text editor, i.e Notepad. To create a simple web page, simply follow these steps:

3.1. Step1: Open Notepad/TextEdit

Windows User

Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad (Windows 7 users)

Start Screen > Find 'Notepad' by Typing (Windows 8 users)

Mac User

Finder > Applications > TextEdit (MAC users) Also, change Preferences Preferences > Format > Plain Text (Recommended to enable the editor to save files correctly) Notepad - An HTML or Text Editor in Windows

3.2. Step2: Write some HTML Markup

Simple Example

<!Doctype HTML>
		<title>HTML Tutorial</title>
	<!--The Content after this body tag is visible-->
		<h2>Welcome to the world of Tutorials</h2>
		<p>You are at the best learning place.</p>

Try in CodeLab

After writing HTML markup, save it with a particular name, and do remember to change the extension from .txt to .html.


Importantly, the most used and most practiced encoding of HTML is UTF-8.

3.3. Step3: View HTML Code in Browser

After saving HTML markup, open the saved file in any browser. Importantly, this HTML compilation or running does not require any internet connection. Since the markup compiler is built-in in every browser, therefore, don't worry about the compilation or rendering of the markup. Just sit tight and let the browser do its job. The output of the HTML code will be just like the following instance.


Welcome to the world of Tutorials

You are in the best learning place.

4. Codelab Online HTML5 Editor

Interestingly, we also provide an online HTML editor called Codelab. Also, it has advanced features to contest with any modern editor. Unlike Wysiwyg's editor, Codelab provides the facility to write and render the markup on the spot. Give it a try and flourish your HTML coding skills: Open Codelab Editor

Consider This:

  1. Firstly, codelab provides instant results or HTML rendering
  2. Secondly, no need to reload the browser repeatedly, just click the Run button
  3. Also, Codelab has an advanced syntax highlighting feature
  4. Codelab auto mark indentation
  5. Further, you can choose a light or dark theme for the editor
  6. Moreover, you can resize the editor or output screen
  7. Most Importantly, codelab is an Online Editor and Viewer

5. Conclusion

  • Markup writing is the use of HTML5 tags in an editor to create a web page
  • Further, we can write HTML5 code using any local text editor or online text editor
  • Also, HTML rendering is the use of a browser to manipulate the markup to display the results
  • Then, the markup after rendering displays on the screen
  • Congratulations! You can now create HTML projects
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